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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday Afternoon - Jellyfish!

I went down for my swim.
I had a good swim.

As I came out, I noticed somthing strange in the surf, it looked like a plastic bag, and as I looked closer, I realised it was a sea creature, it looked dead-ish.
It was very big and I couldn't tell if it was a jellyfish or an octopus.
I guessed a type of jellyfish, I went to find the sea hut man to ask what to do,
trying to run up hot sand hills is interesting.

The beach hut man told me to tell the lifeguards, and so I went to the lifeguard hut, and they politely listened and I wondered if they took me seriously.
But they did, because a lifeguard scooted down to the stone wall with a tub.
She looked at this massive creature and radioed for help.
Another lifeguard came down with a bucket and two sticks, but they could not get the creature out of the surf and into the bucket, they had to get a shovel, and they had to chop the creature up to fit it in the bucket and tub.
It was a barrel jellyfish, and the Bristish Isles are having a bit of an invasion of these creatures at the moment.
They are huge and I don't want to meet one when I am swimming.
I always wear aqua shoes but the rest of me is a bit vulnerable.

I am home, and I will have a bath soon.

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