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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday evening. Murder.

Good evening,
Well I have had a very long and tiring day.

This morning, I headed out, leaving the toast as I felt too sick to eat.
confused by the police cordons, I headed for the wrong bus stop, I said polite good mornings to the police, because Bob Hill once told me this was the good thing to do, and he used to be a police, so he should know.
The police were feeling very grim, but they let me go through. At the time I did not know why they were so grim and I did not know that if someone just falls down and dies, you do not have such cordons and investigations, but it was not until this evening that I found out it was not a natural death. I had been so utterly sure the man just collapsed.

Anyway, confused and tired, I went to the wrong bus stop because the early buses start in town and not at the bus stop near my home, so after some time waiting with a random friendly cat while an impassive police officer looked on from his cordon, I realised my error and headed for high street, I bet the policesman grinned.

I got to the bus stop and there is a gap between the early buses and the normal service, so I would have been waiting a while, but a thought came to me, and I shot across the road and caught the bus going the other way.
I texted my friends to tell them I was taking a different route and could we meet at a different place, and they said yes, and I made quite good time, we sat in a coffee shop and talked for hours, and wow! I so needed that! Genuinely, I needed to just talk and listen and be in great company.

Then we did a bit of a tour of the charity shops, looking for odds and ends for my flat, and then we dined in style at McDonalds. Then we did a little grocery shop for me :)

Then we parted company and I had other places and other faces to annoy see.

I had a nice afternoon and then headed for home, I was very tired by now.
The last leg of the journey turned out longer than expected because if I had got the shorter bus route, it would have been a nightmare with noisy young language students, dozens of them, so I got the bus that goes the longer route.

It was ok, and eventually we came down the hill onto the beautiful sweep of the Great Ship Bay. Home.
And I was so tired and achy, I could barely stagger home.

Flowers were tied to the railings by where the man died. And a car pulled up and the driver pointed it out to his passenger 'This must have been where it happened'.

I got indoors, I was cold from tiredness and being out all day in my teeshirt as today has been cool.
The flat was just warm enough.

Straight away I found the news headlines that said that the dead man had been murdered. Which explained the cordons and the amount of police and the house-to-house inquiries.
A man has been arrested.

I am shaken, I really thought the death was a collapse, but it was a murder, that happened outside my house, on a quiet street in a quiet area.
Last night was oppressive, with the heat in the flat, and the emergency services outside all night, I had mild flashbacks then, and have to just tell my confused brain that these things do not happen often and it is not to do with living indoors.

I am very tired, I didn't get home until 8pm, and I was going to watch some of Evan Almighty, and settle for a 12 hour sleep before getting up all cheerful for church in the morning.
But now I am kind of awake and not feeling much like movies, I am tired though.

The pictures on the news showed our front wall and one of our house's cars, hm, our wall is famous.
There were a lot of inaccuracies in the news reports, including one saying he was found in the side street over the road and that he was found in the early hours.
He was found over the road from us late last night.

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