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Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Evening

Good evening,

Wow, what a busy day.

I went for my swim, the sea was fairly calm, enough waves to make it interesting.
Then I went home and put a dinner in the microwave and had a bath and hair wash and put the beach things and everything else in the wash.
I knew I had to get the washing out quickly because rain was forecast this evening, so I waited for the washing.
As I waited, I checked my bank balance to see if I had enough for some phone credit on the new phone so I could contact my friends, let them know I was ok and the new phone was working and also ask if I could see them tomorrow.

To my surprise, when I checked the bank, tomorrow's money had already arrived in my account, so I waited for the washing machine, got the washing out, and headed to start sorting out essentials.

The problem with my money is that I get three lots of money close together at one time, and then at other times I get not much money, so when I get the bigger lot of money, I have to use a lot to replenish and replace things and but things I need.

Anyway, I walked down to the high street to get some household essentials from the hardware store: bleach, washing up liquid, candle, laundry liquid etc etc, then I got some milk and phone credit and came home for a cuppa.
Then I headed for the bus, got a 7 day ticket, and went to the supermarket for the big shop.

I texted my friend, and I am going to have a day out and see them tomorrow.

I did the big shop, one of the highlights was that I have been waiting ages to do something about my bedding and bed linen and this was where I was going to get it, because, the thing is, I have a single bed, and in the lodging house I had a double bed, and so I have been struggling with a double duvet and double bed linen on a single bed for some time, and that is not so good, especially not in this weather. The double sheet was warm material too, and the duvet thick and heavy.
So my shop started with me selecting a lightweight anti allergy single duvet, and an aqua single fitted sheet and aqua and white/white and aqua reversible duvet cover and pillow cover set.

It was an expensive shop, I also got an xl ink cartrige for the printer, seeing as the church of england and the tinpot island are costing me a fortune in ink.

I got food, spare cheap deodorants, fish oil. fruit and veg, fresh flowers, plenty of food and drink, although I forgot my essential fruit squash, I drink fruit squash in the evening and at night, no caffine, plenty of hydration.
I always forget something.
It was one of the most expensive shops I have ever done, well I think it was the most expensive grocery shop I have ever done, although it did include bedding, bed linen and ink cartrige, which made up a lot of the expense.

Thankfully the bus came in quickly and I got a seat up front by the driver and was home, stress free very quickly, even the big supermarket here doesn't get too crowded, which is a great help to me, and my agrophobia has gone down steadily since I discussed it with the psychologist last year.

I got home to a hot sticky flat, I wish I could afford a fan as well as bedding, it has been roasting in here, and the children playing outside were so noisy that I had to shut the window, I would rather die of heatstroke than deal with one of my autistic sensitivities, children are high pitched and sharp and these ones are exceptionally noisy and even though they are only about six and seven year olds, they tend to be out there alone for hours on end.

Anyway, I got the washing in, bone dry, and the dark rain clouds were piling in, and so the rain started.
The little children were still out in it, last I heard, I have my earphones in now.

The flat needs a tidy, there are papers on the floor, and the kitchen floor is a bit sandy :)
But the bed looks nice in it's new dress, it did look bad with a lumpy double duvet and a sheet that didn't fit well.

Eventually I will get up, mop and hoover and tidy, and put the movies back on.

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