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Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Night

Good evening,

Well this evening I hoovered the flat and washed the kitchen floor, then I went out for a walk, I stopped at the shop to see if they any big boxes of teabags left but they didn't. they did have reduced cheese though, and I am a bit of a cheese fiend.
So I got cheese and walked along the front with it, the see was angry, moody, choppy, with the grey rain clouds sweeping down to it and obliterating the Great Hills.

Back home I was going to watch movies but ended up writing a very long email in response to one I recieved.

I heard noise outside and at first I thought it was just drunk people, but when I eventually looked out the window as it didn't sound like drunk people.

Well I was a bit shocked to see the street full of police and ambulance, flashing lights and emergency people.
There was a man lying still on the ground, the paramedic was doing CPR on him, but he didn't wake up at all, there was a taxi driver telling them he found him, and the police lady said she had two witness statements, and they put a sheet over the man and even covering his head, so I knew he was being dead.
And they are still out there and the road is closed and the man is being dead on the pavement and that is a shock, and soemone said they knew his family and that they live just up the road.

I am feeling scared, because there are lots of polices outside.
I think when people die on the street is through heart attack, strokem anurysm, asthma or something like that, but usually when someone collapses they are found in time, so he must have died suddenly, because although we are a fairly quiet street, it is a throughfare and people are out and about, especially on weekend nights. And he definitely wasn't collapsed there when I came home from my walk, although that was more than an hour ago.

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