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Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Afternoon

Good afternoon.

Well getting home yesterday was a bit of a nightmare.
The first leg of the journey was fine, the second leg was noisy with parties of children going to holiday camps, and the third leg, now getting late, was delayed by train failure and points failure. We had to all change train, hurrying over the footbridge and standing in the cold :(

I got home shaking and ill, you know how when you get home shaking and ill it is hard to undress and get in a hot shower? :(
The hot shower revived me a bit and I had a cuppa and some nutrient milkshake so I could sleep without being hungry.

I did sleep, but woke at 5am feeling very ill, raging headache and coughing, which made the raging headache worse.
The after effects of the physical therapy are severe this time and I have a chest infection, so I feel grotty.
However, I got up, dragged myself to life and made lots of tea and drank juice too, the therapist said yesterday I am dehydrated, and he was right as my tea and fruit squash consumption had been down due to lack of money, milk or squash.

Anyway, painkillers, another hot shower as I was shaking again, painkiller gel and Beechams all in one, and I was alive enough to tidy the house and eat some toast.

Amazon are kindly re-sending the stolen parcel, free of charge and first class so I get it tomorrow, if it isn't stolen while I am out at an open day.
I have asked them to leave it with my landlord if I am out, hope he doesn't mind, he kindly gave me the letter he had kept safe for me yesterday this morning.
I hope the noodles who have been stealing things move on and find a better way of life.

I have been looking round the shops for Easter craft stuff but cannot find anything I like. The thing with Easter is that it is still alien to me due to growing up without it.
But anyway I get a pat on the head and a cookie for getting on with things while I feel so ill.

I didn't go to music and singing at the drop in today, and I don't know if I will go to prayers at church tonight, I think I am allowed a sick day, but I am better off upright as lying down makes my head and chest worse.

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