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Friday, 14 September 2012

Hello bloggypeeps.

It is Friday.

I missed two things out yesterday, the police did tell the outreach who did tell the daycentre that I had been sleeping down there where the addicts sleep. I think the daycentre would have been surprised as I am always way out of range of any addicts or police or outreach, so I explained to them what and why.

The other thing was that I saw the junior homeless nurse and he did some routine checks. But it is the other nurse, who I saw today who is the one who can help.

After I left the daycentre I went to church to see if there was a cuppa, but no one was around and I felt so ill, I went outside and a text came through from a friend asking how things were, I told her, and she asked if I wanted to stay over at their house, I said yes please, and so she said 'come after 7pm.'

I spent some time in the library and wandering around, this illness makes me a bit confused and clumsy and hot, so I wander about outdoors and bumpinto things.

Eventually it is time for me to catch the bus, and I go to my friends' house, I have a cuppa and we chat and then I go to sleep on their front room floor, which is where I sleep because sleeping in a bed aggravates my injuries and can leave me in bad pain, and I am already in pain.
I have the windows open and I can hear the rain and wind howling outside, it would have been another bad night if I had stayed out.

I sleep a straight 12 hours from 9pm to 9am, only waking to tell my alarm to be quiet, I forgot it was set and the phone is charging just behind my head.

Being indoors I always wake up feeling hot and dry and with the maddest hair possible from rolling about in the night, it makes my friend laugh.
I also suffer flashbacks and despair when I wake up in a house, but today is not too bad, i try to squash the memories as best I can.

My friend does me some tea and toast, and I check my emails as she has a bath, then I have a bath, and then we have another cuppa and she drops me off in town as I want to see the nursie.

My friends had been storing some things for me and I take those things to a locker when we arrive in town, I am now using two lockers, that is rather too much for someone who is happy because she owns nothing! so I vow to sort my things out later.

I go to the daycentre, the junior nurse is there but he phones the senior nurse who is only just up the road, and the senior nurse comes to the daycentre while the staff joke about me needing two nurses to hold me down! :)
The senior nurse is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgable man, better than any doctor I have ever met, and it never ceases to surprise me that he does the work he does, when he could so easily be holding a much higher position elsewhere, but I have an inkling that he may be a Christian and that may be why he does this work. His female collegue who I chat with is a Christian, but she is off for three weeks now because she is getting married. :)

Anyway, I talk things through with the nurse, he prescribes my necessary meds and painkillers, so now I will start getting better, I shouldn't have been taking over-the-counter NSAIDs anyway, they are the only ones that help with the pain but they also impact badly on my other problems such as the asthma and internal injuries, potentially harmful.
He also delights my heart by saying we may be able to lower my dose of asthma meds, I have been on a strong steroid and long acting reliever combination for some time and I believe it is bad for me and my peak flow has improved so a lower dose would be good.
There, that's bored you with the meddyfacts.

The daycentre is quiet, I chat to the staff, I always like chatting to them, and I have a cuppa and read my book, there is one immigrant who likes to torment me, and as I sit next to where someone's dog is tethered, the immigrant and I are telling the dog to savage each other and this is funny because the dog is a dopey old thing and the lady at the desk wonders what we are doing because she can't see the dog from the desk but can only hear us saying 'kill, kill' to it!

Lunchtime, some boring chips and some delicious pasta bake, yummy. One of the other female clients has brought some yogurts in from the other daycentre and a member of staff comes to join us and we make him feel ill by talking about medical things to him because she has recently had a suspected blood clot.

After lunch the daycentre closes, this is due to lack of funding and is the same in most towns now, it is good in a way because it encourages independence.

I go to church and light a candle, I don't stop to ask for a cuppa, I go to pick up my meds. Nursie has prescribed 100 painkiller tabs! so he obviously thinks I'm safe and stable, good, I am.

I go and get a nice cuppa and take my meds, oh the relief! I then go to my lockers and merge my stuff into one of the big lockers, cant afford that for long.
I rub menthol on my aches as well, and get the things I need for the rest of the day, and then off I shuttle to the library.
My friends have family staying for a few days now, so I am back out on the streets but I can afford to get to my  remote sleeping places where I will be less vulnerable.

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