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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Good afternoon peeps,

It's that swearword 'Rained off' again.

Although I haven't been rained off all day, this morning I was working on the harbour contract with the boys.
It was funny, I got there just as the boss was throwing a tantrum, and throwing his strimmer, which wouldn't start. I caught him red handed, throwing the strimmer, so I got to tease him all morning. There's only room for one drama queen on our team and that's me!

His strimmer firmly refused to start, so I think it is done for, or 'b*ggered' as the boys say.
He was steaming but he is always careful not to lose his temper round me, I never tell the boys about my past but they aren't stupid.

Anyway, so my team mate wasn't there yet, traffic was bad, the rain was hard, and he had gone to get the mower, and to make things worse, yet another new trainee hadn't turned up, so it was all going wrong this morning.

I had to do drains, kerbs and gutters, which is the trainee's job, not that I give a damn, but in the pouring rain, I trudged round the estate, while the boss tried to start mowing the soaking wet grass.

There was a load of mud slide in one of the drains, so I had a merry old time trying to clear that, my broom was broken so I was using the boss's broom, and the head on that wasn't secure, so when the head came off I had to walk back, and the boss called me a vandal, but he was joking, he knew very well the head wasn't fitted or staying in place properly.
He and my workmate decided to drill through the head to put a new nail in to hold it to the handle. So while they were doing that I nipped down to the harbour for toilet and coffee.

I completed the gutters and edges and got on with hedge trimming, I used my long reach hedgecutter for the high shrubs and hedges, and the boss's powerful but shorter hedgecutter for the lower shrubs.

The boss was having a bad day because of the strimmer, the absent trainee and the weather, and the fact that his van has just cost a bomb to get through the MOT, but towards the end of the morning he cheered up and chatted a bit, I was only working the morning there, while they are there all day. We were all soaking in the rain but I didn't care.

As I finished my work, a nice lady came and told me she appreciated our work, and she made me a nice cup of tea, so that was alright.

I came home, my clothes are light cotton and they dry quickly,. so I had intended to get some charge in the hedgecutter battery and go back to work, but as the rain continued, I decided it made sense to stay at home. My clients won't like me working in the rain, it is different with the commercial contract this morning, it has to be done no matter what the weather.

I guess I had better use this free time wisely, seeing as I will have to work the weekend again. Music School and housework sound good.

The migraine has pretty much gone off despite the heavy work this morning. Good.

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