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Friday, 9 June 2017

Going down in history

Good morning peeps,

A historical moment, and please note I am not an uneducated idiot who tries to say 'an historical moment', aren't they stupid, to try to pervert the English Language?

Anyway. You know I had a late evening on Wednesday when I went to the theatre with my mate? Well I have really been putting myself at risk of relapse by staying up most of the night, absolutely fascinated with the election!
This blog has been running since 2011 and has seen a number of elections, but this one was a cracker, I could not go to bed. I stayed up until 3.15 am or thereabouts, and got up at 5.45, so I am very tired, I could only do it because my work arrangements today allow it and it is Friday, I don't start work until 10.30 today and I only have two gardens and up to four hours of work today, yesterday I worked hard so that I can have this weekend off to do tax return, tax review, invoices, and some writing and editing if there is time. A few lie-ins will go down well as well.

So I was able to stay up most of the night, fascinated by the election. Watching the Church of England Party suffer as the NHS and public services party surged was awesome. And of course one reason I stayed up was to make sure Jane Dodds lost, if Dodds won, then it would have been interesting to take the complaint up with the lib dems but she was beaten by at least 10,000 again. Methinks she should get the hint.
I wonder if the Church of England will begin to see that their prayers do not swing general elections, and even their manipulations are beginning to fail.

End of rant, I have been up since 5.45, I have started the weekend house clean, the first clothes wash is on, the kitchen is clean, the bedroom is clean, I have moved the mats ready for a sweep and dust. Maybe I should get dressed.

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