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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Good evening peeps,

Our dear old channel islands are to be freed today.

I will tell you two things about cars, peeps, one is that they are expensive little sods, and the other is, if you think something is wrong with your car, act upon it, you know your car best.

Max has just cost me quite a lot of money, but he is safe to drive.

The car's best friend couldn't find anything when he did the initial test drive, and then he went through everything, and it was finally he really found the fault!
And it was an expensive sodding fault. But at least I had got Max in promptly, because Max could have caused an accident if I had ignored the problem.
But we learned from what happened with Florence.

The other year, Florence was all hot and huffy, and I nipped her round to the car's best friend, 'ah, she's alright. you are fussing over nothing!' he said.
Florence blew her head gasket a few days later.

So this time I knew there was something wrong and neither of us doubted it, although it took some time to locate the fault, but if it had been left, Max would be dangerous.

Anyway, so suddenly I was facing quite a bill for Max, the car's best friend is a very honest mechanic but this repair took a lot of time and parts. So as well as the Max bill, I had the rent due.
I had to ask someone for a sub.

So last night I went to collect Max, wind, rain and cold. The car's best friend texted me as I walked, and he offered to collect me, so I stopped and was collected.

Max is safe home. Little so and so, but he isn't deliberately norty like Florence, so I forgive him.

The rent and the car bill is paid, and I have managed to get some toiletries and waterproofs. Life in poverty is hard work sometimes but there are bright days when there is food and toiletries and cups of tea.

Anyway, so this morning me and my workmate set off back to the day's work we had to abandon yesterday. We had a good day, although I am worried that even the struggle to get the mower started after the winter may have an impact on me, in the pain sense, by tomorrrow. Plus the vibration of the mower when my system has forgotten it.
However, despite the grass being long and wet, it came up nicely all round, which was good.
The day was mainly mowing and strimming, with a bit of clearing and transplanting.
So the grass cutting season has started!
Although the wind was strong and cold, it wasn't affecting us on the seafront, for once! It must have been an offshore wind and we had the buildings to block it.

The rain came in at about 3pm but we got all the mowing done.

I got home in time to go to the shops for food and a new pair of cheap waterproofs.
Now all I need is new trousers and boots/shoes, and a haircut and a new backpack too. Life gets very threadbare and scruffy at times.

Tomorrow I will go and do pressure washing, at last, not that I enjoy it, but it will earn some money. And in the evening I am going out for DVD night, I hope they have picked something decent to watch! I didn't enjoy that cinema trip the other week, but maybe no-one knew how crap Lala Land was.

Those who wonder, yes I have had to give up music for now, I can't try to juggle work, study, fighting for my life against the Church of England and keeping a roof over my head, it is a bit too much and I got too tired.

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