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Monday, 27 February 2017


Good morning peeps,

We have that universal swearword 'Rained off' today.

So unfair when I need the money so much.

I went to hitch a lift with my workmate in the van and we headed to get the mowers from the lockup as we aimed to start the mowing season today, the forecast was bad, and I had texted and emailed last night to make sure we were going ahead. It had been decided we would be optimistic, but once we got the mowers, the torrential rain started.
We waited in the van for some time, with the water leaking in :( and decided we were rained off. It is still raining and I am home, having had a shower and some tea and toast, trying to focus on manuscripts, while my workmate and the boss have a little bit of woodwork in the workshop and dropping the ride on mower off for repair.

We are going to do tomorrow for today's work, which pushes my work tomorrow onto Wednesday, far from ideal when the rent is due and the car is going to cost whatever to repair, plus the insurance is due this week.

So, what has happened the weekend? Well I was going to work the day on Saturday, it was still windy on the cliff top but nothing like as bad as Thursday, so I spent the morning up there. But by afternoon I was so tired and fed up that I didn't work the afternoon, I came home and watched DVDs.

On Sunday I just couldn't help it, I went to my foster church. They were suitably impressed that I was overriding my church allowance for the month, and I was invited to a DVD film night.
Church was as good as usual.

We decided something. I can go to church if I want to most weeks, the services is an hour and I only get flashbacks and distress for about 10 or 15 minutes during that, and not severe and I don't go away distressed, and seeing as Fisher has stopped slandering me to churches and I have answered back the church spreading slander, I feel able to risk church. So the church is now long-term foster or adoptive church. I know there is still a risk of the Church of England and their police, but I may as well take that risk. I met and got on well with a number of churches while I was homeless and on the run from Fisher and her authorities. I have to build on achievement and hope, including the hope that I can have some sort of relationship with God again eventually.

Anyway, so that is that. At home I cooked chicken and potatoes and rice for several meals, and tidied my room and prepared for the working week and even had a quick look at manuscripts.

Then I reluctantly removed my tools and things from Max and drove him to the Car's Best Friend.
I left Max outside and dropped the keys through the letter box and made my way back on foot.

The roads up there are pitch black and pot holed and the wind was howling. I walked carefully along the hill as the lights of town shone below, and then I was back on the lit road down to town, it was a quiet walk, I didn't see anyone. It was nice to be out walking. My agrophobia has been bad since the church and police attacks last year and I don't go walking for the sake of it, but the evening is a nice time for a walk and I didn't get stressed.

By the time I had got home, the car's best friend had already taken Max for a short spin and hadn't been able to identify the problems yet.

I haven't heard from him yet, I will have to walk through the pouring rain to collect Max, but I hope that will be soon as I have to go and meet a potential new customer out on a farm and assess the work.
Max is likely to only be assessed today so I hope he is safe to drive.

I guess the rest of my day is about manuscripts. I got tired because the intensity of my production of books has been very high and so it is hard to find the energy to work on the more mundane books now after 'Destruction', 'Very Cuttings' and 'The Churchwarden'.

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