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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
This blog is in tandem with my blog about my experiences in the Church of England

The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Morning

Good morning,

I had another early night last night, and had violent and dreadful nightmares, which of course could come true if the Diocese are not restrained.
I lay awake with terrors and flashbacks and slept again eventually.
No pain today, I think the new pillow is helping, but I will have to ask again if more can be done about this pain, because regular codeine is bad news.

The shop opens later on a Sunday, so the newsround starts a bit later, I was expecting a big heavy round like yesterday but it was smaller and easier.
I expected Sunday morning to be quiet in town but there were old grockles wandering along the seafront and they all looked at me doing my papers as if to say 'ooh look Daphne! A paper girl, how twee and olde worlde! Must put it on a postcard to Mildred!'

I also got my first newsround wages, cool.
So after the round, I biked along the front and it was sunny with a calm sea.
Then I stopped at the supermarket for some chicken for today's roast.

I am watching tv slightly, the Hollyoaks omnibus is on, and all my music notes are on the table, ready for the usual practice.

After lunch, I am going for a walk with the gang, it is a nice walk along one of the other bays, we did it last month and enjoyed it so much we are doing it again, it ends at a cafe with stunning view.
Then I will go to welfare when we get back.

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