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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tuesday Lunchtime

Good lunchtime,

Well I am not feeling too good. I will update because certain Jerseypeople keep logging nosily on to see what I am doing.

I guess a relapse started yesterday, I was dizzy and sick, and nearly fell off my bike a few times.
And to compound it, I didn't eat well or take a proper meal before I started fasting.

I had a bad night, with Bishop Scott-Joynt still trying to discuss things with me in my dreams, and woke this morning miserably longing for my cup of tea.

I got up and washed and dressed, I had deliberately tried to stay in bed until an hour before the blood tests, to try and make it seem shorter before I could get tea.
I forgot to put anything to eat in my backpack, not that there is anything much I could carry, but I put my meds and painkillers in the backpack and headed for the surgery.

The doctors often run late and I expected the nurse to run late but she was prompt, nice, and efficient, and a bit worried about how ill the fast had made me. This surgery has never blood tested me before. My history of illness on fasting goes back to youth group. We did two sponsored 24 hour fasts at Youth Group and I became severely ill on both, I cannot let my blood sugar drop too low or I go hypo and can collapse.
Today was the worst hypo I have had for two years.

So, as soon as the tests were done, I was in the cafe, drinking sugary tea with toast and a chocolate bar.
I am not back to normal, one of the things a hypo does to me is it seizes up my muscles, and so the muscles where I am injured seize up and I end up in agony.

I went from the cafe to the coffee morning, where my church made a riotous fuss of me and I was too dizzy and dozy to make much sense, although they all knew why.

I am now home, supposed to be sleeping before going to help with shoeboxes this afternoon, but I am not sure if I will be able to sleep or help with shoeboxes.

It is a warm sunny day.


I am cooking pork and potatos instead of sleeping.
It is funny what I am allowed or not allowed to eat now. Pork and jacket potato is a delicious meal and I am allowed as much of that as I like. I am allowed things like full english breakfast or roast dinner, and I can now cook such things, but there are other things I can no longer have or only have in moderation.
My worst thing is that I have to cut down on my tea with milk and sugar, my lifelong medicine.

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