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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
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The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Morning

Good morning,

Usually Monday Morning is a drag, because I expect onslaught.

But this morning was worse, because I struggled to sleep last night and had a night of nightmares, and although I woke early, I just couldn't bear to get up, no stupor, no pain, just didn't want to face a world that has been so violently violated by the church through Bob Hill.

Eventually I got up and because I am not ill, just very low and distressed, I have walked through my routines and am fed and dressed with a tidy house and the swim things that should have been hung out yesterday were hung out just now, not ideal but I can't swim until this afternoon anyway as I have to wait in until 1pm for someone.

I have a new person living on my ceiling, it is not the small black spider that I questioned about living arrangements and who has hidden ever since, it is a big buzzy thing, I think they are called combine harvesters.

I must write a belated card to my friend.

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