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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hi peeps,

Last night when the library closed I went on the buses.
In one of the towns there was a man trying to sleep on the bus station floor, no sign of alcohol but that is not a rough sleeper town and he had no cardboard and just a foil blanket over him, which was being blown by the wind.
I went back on the bus and went to my store hedge and got two of my blankets and two cardboard boxes and a handwarmer, but by the time I got back the man had gone. He may have realised there was no way he could sleep like that without getting sick from the cold, or he may have been moved on or someone may have rescued him, I prayed that he would be ok and I had a look round the area but he wasn't there.

Last night was due to be freezing with strong cold winds. I went back to my sleeping place and tucked in, expecting a cold and disrupted night, I put one handwarmer in my sleeping bag and one in the neck of my thermal top. I fell asleep and slept soundly until early morning when I woke to the sound of traffic and life waking up and I snuggled in for a comfy and warm few minutes before getting up.

I went to McD's for breakfast and left a wet blanket where I could pick it up and take it to the shop to dry out later.
I had my tea and bagel at McD's, they have a guy there who keeps messing up people's orders, he must be new but I was sure he worked there before.
After breakfast I went for a wash and then sat waiting for the library to open.
There was a rude old church lady (one of many), who came up and jabbed my arm and started on at me, excuse me for being rude but I wish the rich and rude narrow old ladies would leave me and my arms alone. They are not nice people and now I have stopped going to the cafe because I don't really want to be among church people and listen to their whining and gossiping, I wish they would leave me alone. I need to learn to be a real person but I haven't got to the point where I know how to deal with mean-spirited old church people yet.

Anyway, the library opened and I went on the computer and then headed for the community group, had some tea and got my nails done and then went to drop my wet blanket off at the shop where it was spread out to dry.

I went back to community group and had my lunch and went back to the shop, the blanket was dry so I took it back to the hedge and took another one to dry at the shop. I was supposed to be on duty at the shop but I am always on call and they had several other helpers so I sat in the office and watched Buffy videos and drank tea and read a Buffy book.

When the shop closed I went to the post office and got the last of my money and got some handwarmers from the outdoors shop. I will survive this cold spell.

It is sunny and bright now with a freezing wind but it is due to snow, sleet and be cold and rainy.

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