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Saturday, 30 April 2016


Good lunchtime peeps,

Well here I am all in a lunch mood. Turkey steak, lightly grilled.

Yesterday had some more unexpected turns.

I was working on the upstairs flat here, and my landlady was working on the downstairs flat, as she had a tenant due to move in on Sunday.

At lunchtime I came downstairs for lunch, and the electricity was about to be switched off so I scurried to cook my meal first.
The electric wasn't off for long.
But then my landlady tapped on the door and came in looking serious, which worried me.
But it turned out that the prospective tenant for the ground floor flat has backed out.
So my landlady has offered me first refusal.

She has left the flat open for me to view, measure up and check the tv point, the tv point works just fine.
And the place has a catflap.
If I had known what a nice flat it is, I would have taken it before, but because my landlady said she thought it was smaller, and I didn't view it last time, I decided that the move wasn't worth the hassle.
But looking at it now, it has old fashioned shelves and beams and fireplace, which is all good because I am not allowed to hang things on the walls in this more modern flat so my pictures are jostling for shelf space.

The flat downstairs has a smaller bathroom than this one which has a full size bathroom, but the one downstairs has a full,kitchen with plenty of cupboards and space for a table. And the kitchen has a full oven and a fridge freezer, at the moment I have no freezer and only a counter-top oven.
And as well as it's own entrance, the downstairs flat has it's own parking, although I am not sure how I am going to afford to replace Florence when her MOT runs out in 6 weeks or so.  She has scrambled through her last few MOTs, there is no way she will pass the next one.

Moving flats is a big step, even just from this flat to downstairs, but it seems that all the long term residents here started out upstairs and moved downstairs.
So, a week before the exam and my mind is on moving house, no way el-ray.

So, after work yesterday, I was tiredly trotting through revision until bed time.
Then I slept and dreamed peaceful comforting dreams.
I dreamed I was in a happy peaceful place, a bit like a big school, and there was so much food and everyone was content. I realised I was in paradise.
Then I dreamed, just as peacefully, that I was on my way to work and instead of going via the next town, I ended up going via Winchester, and I thought that was a bit of a diversion.

I woke up and went to do the papers.
I was surprised when I got to the shop. Because the ladies there had heard about me being nearly run into the wall by someone yesterday and they were quite cross about it, and they said the manager wanted to know if he should contact the police for me and if I wanted him to come out and make sure the aggressor was dealt with - the aggressor being a local who isn't very nice.
But I said it was all OK, I was just a bit rattled about it yesterday.

Anyway, I came home with time for breakfast and a shower before going out gardening.
But I got a bit diverted and ended up in a right rush in the end.

I got to the house I was working at, the client was out but they had left everything unlocked for me.
So I got on with my work in the peaceful sunshine.
Then I went and had a good music lesson.
Then I came home for lunch.
And in half and hour I will go and do a few more hours of work on the flat upstairs.

My neighbour collected my parcel off the postman for me while I was out, he is a very handy neighbour, I have several handy neighbours.
And before long I was have a kitten called Bob, which will wander around with a notebook and pen and ask who was at the scene at the time.

Kittens are little furry things with lots of paws all equipped with sharp needles. They have endless battery life and never run out of things to shred.

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