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Friday, 29 April 2016


Morning peeps,

Papers done.

Well yesterday I met with this support worker, his fees were much higher than my friend had anticipated, and he is based in the town 8 miles away and is limited to what he can do, he suggested that I went through the council to get 'free support' but unfortunately I know that doesn't work.

 I tried several times to get the council's support but they lost the referral, lost the paperwork, didn't make contact and even when they do work out that they have a referral, the waiting list is months, they left my epileptic friend without support when he needed help restoring his ESA when it was unfairly removed, the DWP tried to declare him fit for work when he can have a major fit at any time and they are frequent. So the DWP and council failed him,

So that is a summary of how effective the DWP and council are in helping people, So there is no way I would try that again.
So, I have had a number of responses to my advert for support and one is a local independent support worker who may be able to help, so I will contact her today.

In the UK, systems are stretched to their limits and locally we are worse off than most, there is very little support for the vulnerable and it is decreasing. Our local NHS, social services and council are cutting services and the volunteer section is sparse and decreasing as well.

That reminds me of a troll on twitter last night trying to call me a liar over that, trolls are funny but it is frustrating when they try to tell you that you are a liar and that there is help available in your area.
This particular troll was remarkable because it was shouting about genocide and how the NHS had tried to kill it, and then telling me the NHS are great and that I have access to the NHS and help and how it used to be a volunteer in victim support and thus it knew I could access help, then it started ranting at me. I don't think victim support employs people like that.
Trolls are sparse these days because may be vulnerable enough to be led into their stupid insults but I can hold my own when they attack. Twitter is a circus though, you can be attacked when you feel vulnerable, but no-one on twitter has met you or knows your story so their attacks are irrelevant.

I had a troll one time calling me a crank, unprovoked, and then when I blocked them, they apparently wanted me to unblock them 'because they had made a mistake and thought I was someone else' or so I was told.
 Light entertainment, does anyone watch Angie Tribeca? Hilarious, dumb. I don't usually have the tv on that late.

On the good side, twitter was brilliant last night.  I slept better than I have for a long time.

Yesterday I had a study breakfast and realised how much revision I have to do! :)
My landlady wanted an invoice for the week's work on the flat, and she paid straight away, so that was good, I have already put my rent through for next month and arranged my travel to the exam next week.
In the afternoon I went and did a garden. And that was good. It was warm weather and I mowed and weeded and watered.

Then I came home with revision in mind but never got that far, I went to the shop, watched Hollyoaks and ended up talking to some people because of twitter posts and that was incredibly helpful.
My writing about Bob on the other blog also helped me, fractured as it is. Maybe it is more for me than for the general public.

This morning I woke up feeling better.
I went to do the papers, including the local papers, but some idiot tried to force me into a wall on the paper round, which was not nice.
I got my local paper and was home by 7.10am. I am just going to watch Hollyoaks and read the paper.

Today I need to get my music practice and then I am back to work on this flat clearing by 10.30.
Tomorrow I have a music lesson and probably some work as well.
On Sunday I think I had better revise all day. I am so busy that I am not getting all my material revised.

It is a cold and cloudy day.

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