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Sunday, 3 April 2016


Good morning peeps,

Well my haircut is excellent and very belated.
But I don't like Opera.

We went out for a meal and then to the Opera.
I think Opera is for Church of England people, it seems to be about their level, it takes an Opera about 4 hours to tell a story badly, and the place was packed with pedantic obstructive fat old people who looked like Anglicans. I much prefer ballet. Ballet has speed, grace, rhythm and skill, Opera doesn't. So apart from seeing men hitting high C's it isn't all it is cracked up to be.

The Opera was Madama Butterfly, but it was not well performed, is that the MET? I am not impressed. I am new to Opera but I have no further interest in it, but basically the story is of an American Captain who marries a 15 year old girl in Japan and deserts her, leaving her with a young son.
Unfortunately casting a big ugly middle-aged Liuthuanian woman as an innocent young Japanese Girl didn't really work, I couldn't make my imagination bend that far, and both she and the Captain were unkempt, in Ballet, grooming and costume has to be perfect, but presumably not for Opera, the Captain, who was some other Nationality and not in any way imaginable as American, was greasy with messy hair, it was dreadful. The Consul and Suzuki were both more realistic and better groomed, and they were the better actors. I dislike puppets normally, but the puppetry with the little boy was very good, apart from at one point you could see the face and beard of one of the spirit puppeteers when his veil moved, and you could see the face of one of the others too clearly. And the little boy was way too big for a three year old.

Concluding, Opera takes four hours of faffing about to get the point of the story, but in this day and age it is known that a good film averages 90 minutes otherwise it is a drag. So Opera is from before the days of good films. I gather that it is the music and singing that are the attraction, but to be honest, I was bored. I know I wanted to see the music and singing ranges but I was bored.

My mate seemed to think Madama Butterfly would have me in tears, bored to tears more like. I think I have to wait until I am a fat old Anglican to enjoy rubbish Opera. And thankfully I never will be one of those. I will stick to ballet, drooling over the principle of the Royal Ballet and Tristan in the latest release of Swan Lake :):):) that reminds me, I have not recorded any nortyness on this blog for months and I am told it is missed.

I haven't felt very mizjeevous, I have been deeply depressed, so I can't think of any nortyness.
However I am going full steam ahead with my music again now.

 Anyway, today I did the papers, a bit late because waking up was hard. And now, as usual I am watching the Hollyoaks Omnibus, I have missed some Hollyoaks this week because of work and walk and other things and haven't caught up on line so I am seeing the full week's story now, the episode where Rachel is killed is about to start.
Today is quiet for me until work, basically study and music, maybe a full roast dinner and a quick look at the sea, although it has gone from a sunny morning to a grey cold day.

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