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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday Evening

Good evening peeps,

The blog is statting a bit low again.

Well this morning was housework, I am not obsessive-compulsive as in the illeness, because I have no fear of germs, but I am a tad obsessive about cleaning.
I got the linens and towels done and out, and then the clothes, and then it was time to go to the chattery shop after lunch.

At the shop, yet again the training had had to be cancelled, so I was simply there, straight onto the till when I came in, and then I elected to dust and sweep the shop.
Then I spent most of the afternoon minding the shop alone, it gets slightly boring, just making sure everything is tidy, talking to customers and doing the till, but January is ever so quiet.
So I spent a quiet afternoon, listening to CDs and minding the place. Playing with a toy cat that meowed squeakily just as a customer came in! Haha!

Then the unexpected.

Well, I went into the store room and there it was.

A keyboard. Music, not computer.

A keyboard like the one that I had to leave behind in Jersey.

I do not like being reminded of things like that, and I don't like to have things or do things that remind me of Jersey.
But I have to overcome these triggers one by one.
The keyboard was brought in by a donator who was in a band but has got too old and tired, so it is a good keyboard.
It is a good keyboard that is sitting in front of me on the floor as I write :)

Well, when the boss was there, I asked about the keyboard, and they told me it was in good condition, so it would have to go on sale. Then there was some conferring, and because I am taking on increasing hours now, I was allowed the keyboard instead of my travel expenses for a while.

Unfortunately when the young schoolgirl volunteer came in and we tried to set the keyboard up and try it out, first we couldn't find the power lead, and when we did, I dropped it and broke it! :) The boss laughed and laughed but I reminded him that I have minded his shop on my own for most of the afternoon without breaking it!
I have never been diagnosed as dyspraxic by the NHS, not that they have bothered much about my problems, but I do have some motor problems, and so did my dad, so yes, I drop things, I have to be careful.
I was pretty sure I had a spare power lead at home, and thankfully I did, I waited for the rural bus home when the shop closed, rather than staggering up the hill with the keyboard.
The weather was cold and clear, a real winter's evening, with smoky frosty air.

I have been having worrying trouble with my bad knee, it is pain, rather than the kneecap just wandering off. This is not good, it does that sometimes, sharp pain that makes me hop suddenly.

The keyboard is fun, I plugged it in and it started busily playing a demo. Now I need, from somewhere, music and keyboard books and lessons, probably of the internet. I have not played anything since Jersey and I was self-teaching, playing by ear and not very good, but I just love to make music!
It's funny about the charity shop, I am supposed to be there to benefit them, but already they provide me with great benefit.
You know how I love helping out? :) being able to is a benefit in itself. I wish I could work, but as yet there is no sign I will be able to, especially not if this knee needs an operation.

The other thing, when I got home, a lead to connect my iPad to my laptop arrived, so I can transfer pictures and videos easily, great! I use the iPad a lot for photos and videos.

I have done chicken for supper, what a surprise! :) Chicken is chickeny and good for you, so I can eat plenty of it.

I am still getting premonitions from Jersey, maybe I should check the obituaries.

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