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Friday, 16 December 2016


Good evening peeps,

All very odd isn't it?

People have been looking up a post on my blog that reads 'letter calling for the resignation of...'
But that is not a letter calling for the resignation of the Dean, is it?
It calls for the resignation of the Bishop and Jane Fisher.
JJ. was told by God to only face off against the Diocese of Winchester, not the Deanery of Jersey.

Yes it is true that the Dean had freehold of the Jersey Deanery and intended to stay, and he and his wife jeered that at me while calling me evil and saying that the Bishop could do nothing to them.

So, why?
Well. Ignore the lies and crap in the news.
I was told today.
It wasn't the white hats or the black hats. It was the large dog loose in the wood.
See this link:

It aint over yet, not even for Fiver or Bigwig, but will the last of the white hats fall too soon? JJ. is very poorly, will she still stand against Satan's own Diocese or will she fall too soon? Will there be a big finale or will JJ just fall and die without the Diocese being held to account?

Haha, the above is brought to you by Junie Wanman and Green Pie productions. How to pretend to be mad to keep the Church of England happy.
Yeah, the Dean resigned because of a very non-publicized arrest. The papers and media will only ever report what the Church of England tell them to.

Anyway, I had a good but hard day's work and came home with time to shower and change before my last music lesson before Christmas. My music is going well despite being distracted from practice by so many things. That's why the tutor has given me a hard piece to practice over Christmas.

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