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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thursday evening

 Come home Bob:

Good evening,

Well, there is always so much happening here at the moment

I have been at work this morning.
The weather is undecided between cold and rainy.

I have a home monitor and log book now:

Image result for monitor lizard pictures

This morning I did my gym blood pressure assessment and they gave me my new routine and instructions, it is completely scare-free, I just have to have my blood pressure checked before I exercise and then I have to avoid some of my activities if the blood pressure is too high, and I have to avoid lifting my arms above my head, apart from the lateral pulldown because I would have sulked if they banned that because it is my favourite.
The man assessing me gave me a funny look when he asked how many lateral pulldowns per set, and I said 'oh, 25 or 50!'. I used to get a bit carried away with that before the church continued their onslaught! 

And by the way, my blood pressure had already dropped to 145/100 when they measured it.
It is still dropping. It isn't normal yet but it is certainly not as dangerous as before.
The problem is, when the church and states of Jersey attack, it spikes sharply and dangerously.

You know who can be thanked for saving my life, again? Bob.
Because the repeat blood pressure crisis wouldn't have come to light if he hadn't been taken ill.
He can't help helping people, that man.

I am now on a vegeterian diet and with no cows milk, it has been more than 24 hours since I had cows milk. After a lifetime of cows milk, life will never be the same, plus the alternative stuff is expensive.

Can you imagine this? Me in the supermarket, with withdrawal symptoms from cows milk and everything and my body trying to come to terms with the meds while I tried to come to terms with the complete change of diet? Haha, a bit like when an addict goes cold turkey.
This diet costs more again :(

For the past year I have only used Bertolli, or Bertolli light when I could get it,  I have used canderel except for some sugar especially in the morning to boost my blood sugar, I have only used wholemeal bread, normally the small loaf  and not usually much bread anyway, I have used fry lite, and only to for roast potatos and to stop things sticking in the oven, I don't normally fry things, and I have been using fresh meat, fruit and veg, but the thing is, it didn't make any difference, which is why things have got drastic now.

The thing is though, now I am using Almond Milk (which is very safe but not environmentally friendly), and I have to look at what else I can eat to stay full - potatos, rice, fish, baked beans (pardon me!) eggs. The thing is, it can be done, but I have to be careful with eggs and beans because my tummy doesn't like much of that. I am not keen on pasta.
I get too worried because when I was unsure if we would be able to afford food when I was growing up, and my parents had myths about food, so I get scared of starving.
And indeed, until recently, I struggled to get food.

Anyway, I had a nice fish and rice for lunch and supper, do you remember how I used to do fish and rice a lot? :)

I am glad I can still have my cup of tea, with almond milk and candarel. Tea has been part of my life since I was a baby, I can't really cut it out, and there is no reason to, although I may start back on decaf bags for the evening rather than stopping tea at a certain time in the evening.

Next week is very busy, dentist, car service, needs assessment (and maybe a coffee with an old friend afterwards), Mum coming over, tutorials and heart scan the same day. And work and study as well.
And I want to return to the gym daily if I can.
Hm, seeing as I am having premonitions to do with my abuser and his supporting Vicar, I damn well hope the church doesn't attack during all this stuff.

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