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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sunday evening

This didn't get posted on Sunday for some reason, but here it is.

Good evening,

Well I feel so ill but I will update.
The blogs are statting hight, so if that is because the church and press are harming me, let me know as I am proceeding against them.

I am always grateful for my Sunday lie-in as the shop opens late and the papers go out late, but I was awake ill in the night and woke up feeling very ill, I am living on painkillers and regular pain pen and saline today.

I got the papers out, but fog descended as I delivered the papers along the edge of the marshes. I thought that the fog would only be down there, but as I came back into town and home, the fog was just as thick, visibility was poor so I was very careful.

I spent the morning doing mock exams and pain management, nothing is really working, of course not, and if Jersey and Winchester don't stop killing me for their crimes, I won't get better, too much is too much, and years of too much is more than too much.

Anyway, mocks are nearly over and I am satisfied that unless there is another major attack by the idiots in Jersey and the Cofe and their press, I will pass my exam.
And despite being ill, the flat got a thorough sort out as some people I did contract work for came round with a table and book case for me and told me they would like to take me on for some pre-Christmas work and will see about recommending me to another business. Cool!

So the flat has been blitzed and the new book case is a ladder rack type for my university text books and files, the table has replaced the coffee table where the tv is, and actually the tv is much better vision on the table, and there is enough space to use part of the table for work space with the brown chair. The coffee table is now by the sofa and arm chair.

I really wanted the flat looking good as I thought mum was coming over tomorrow but it looks like she can't, no worries, because I am ill and busy and she is supposed to meet me when I come out of the exam room anyway.

I did a good roast dinner - lamb, roasties with garlic, and carrots.

apart from the Hollyoaks omnibus, there has been nothing worth watching on tv, so I continued watching my 'Humans' DVDs.
And then this evening I was due to go to the cinema.
So I went down to the welfare outreach and had a coffee, then I went to meet the person I was going to the cinema with.
He has a disabled card that means I can go with him for free as his carer, and he genuinely prefers someone with him as he is disabled. I just have to pretend to be normal enough to be a carer! :)

Anyway we went to see Suffragette, and funnily enough my mates are going to see it tomorrow, but going today suited me better as we saw an earlier screening, which is better for me as I have to get up so early, and late nights when I have to be up so early are not good, especially not when I am ill. And also the bonus of not having to pay for my ticket today! :) and he treated me to an ice cream sundae, I have never had one of those before, they take an awful lot of eating! :) surely they are illegal!

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