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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Saturday night

come home Bob
The candle is burning to bring you safe home.

Good evening peeps,
And good news.
For me anyway.
As you may have read, I went ahead with interview yesterday...and was offered the job this evening.

I train on Tuesday evening and then in at the deep end for the weekend evening shifts.

Have any of you ever had  a week when your blood pressure hits 180/113 while you fall apart and then get a job? :)
I will be wearing the monitor while I do my training, I hope it doesn't try to bite anyone. Everyone assures me that I will be fine with the monitor, but only one of them is autistic and he doesn't have the same hatred for things against his skin that I do. Here's my monitor again:

Image result for pictures of monitor lizards
I had actually moved my other work shifts apart from the papers in order not to affect the monitor, but delivery driving hopefully won't affect it.

The other thing coming up is probably quite a long journey in order to have an assessment.

And the other sad news is that my friend is apparently remaining in hospital for now.
I am at a bit of a loss over that, she was hoping only to be in for a few days this time, but she didn't come home yet.  I wonder if we should share Bob's guiding light with her? But she is resolute that she knows she is going to die and doesn't mind, while all of us are absolutely sure that Bob has a chance of full recovery and the rest of his retirement actually resting and enjoying time with his family.

The weather has turned bitter cold very suddenly, but I like the feel of the cold air, I just wish I could better enjoy it.
I have spent the day doing necessary things, dropping off a card to someone nice who is not feeling well, renewing my gym card, anything that will encourage my heart and blood to calm down, the problem with gym is that they have hiked the price even of our disabled cards, to cover costs, and that and the ongoing war with the church has meant my regular gym and swim sessions simply stopped.
So, back to that and diet and fitness, anthing to encourage this blood pressure down, I must not let the church kill me through the genetic heart and blood pressure problems any more than I should give up and let their actions kill me any other way.

Anyway all the shopping is done and various bills and payments, but I still didn't manage to collect my new glasses before the optician closed.

Oh, I forgot all about this morning, I got an unexpected text, the people I did some shifts for, who are relocating texted me. I will be doing more work for them in a few months when they complete the relocation, but their other business, the guest house, needed clearing out and they had all sorts of spares that they said I was welcome to.
So my flat has two new lamps, two new hairdryers (one of them by accident), two new cabinets, two cushions which match the sofa bed perfectly, loads of towels and linens, (much needed), and various useful containers, new good quality bins, a new kettle, teapot, jug and a brand new set of glasses, plus numerous other stuff.
Aren't I a lucky girl to know such good people?
The flat really is tip-top now!

Haha, tomorrow I will do my first Christmas card. I know some people do theirs months early but I am not that daft. I have one to post for America and normally post to America takes 10 days to or from so the start of the Christmas post may slow it down and a special person over there deserves their nice card.

I don't often get to watch Father Ted as it is usually on late so as not to offend the Catholics, but tonight I have been watching it and laughing, after Doc Martin, who is my hero, along with Sheldon Cooper of course! :)

night peeps, keep the candle lit for Bob to come home.

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