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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thurdsday morning

Good morning,

Unfortunately my life is still being disrupted by Jersey and their state press and media.

On Tuesday I went to the dentist and I am pleased to say that at last I have a good dentist and am going to get the dental treatment that I have been needing for a long time.

Although one of the first things the dentist said to me shocked me, he said 'I am referring you to the hospital'. Not something that I like sprung on me like that!!!
He has been the first dentist to actually show concern for the worsening TMJ issue, the other dentist actually worsened my jaw by wrenching it open and propping it open too wide, at the same time as making me choke on something, but my jaw has been out of place for as long as I can remember, and it may have been caused by injury so the dentist wants it MRI or CT scanned in case it needs something done, and actually when I told the people I worked for on Tuesday, they were pleased as one of them was left with a misaligned jaw and it developed athritis. My jaw has started to catch since the old dentist wrenched it, so I am relieved that it will be examined.

Anyway, my new dentist is very thorough and I learned a lot about good dental hygiene and how to look after my teeth, he also noted that my tongue is a bit shredded, he says that is from grinding my teeth real bad in my sleep, he says I am grinding more than clenching and the hospital may be able to make the better decision on what to do about it, he also showed me expercises to ease the pain and tension that nocturnal grinding causes.

The dental surgery was quiet and nice and to be honest, I am delighted to have been able to register and get away from the awful dentist 8 miles away, I am now only a few miles from my new dentist and if the car has problems, it is a direct bus ride away.

My next treatment is Wednesday next week after work, the start of restoring my teeth a bit.

After dentist, I went to work, and then came home and ate a huge delicious pot of paella that I got reduced at the supermarket. Actually it made two meals, one opn Tuesday and one yesterday.

Yesterday I came home from work intending to get all my remaining pen pal letters written and in the post, but BBC Jersey disrupted the rest of the day as they had been lying about me on air.
As well as dealing with that, despite repeated obstructions, I also managed to continue taped interviews, which are to be transcripted this week. Anyone wishing a copy of any particular interview or aspect of my case, let me know.

Today I needed to work, get my printer looked at by happy computer man and get the transcripts away, but already today is not going to plan. Never mind, Fridays exist as a spill over day for work that gets delayed earlier in the week, so I will move today's work to tomorrow.

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