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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Good morning peeps,

I went to this place yesterday afternoon, it was a kind of kids club thing, and I was given tea and biscuits and a helpers teeshirt and I helped the kids with craft.
I was as nervous and childlike as the kids, or more so, they were mainly quite confident.

Afterwards we had a lovely meal, shepherds pie, and I was very grateful for that.
Then I was back out on the streets in the rain for the worst of the thin time, the last few hours. It was raining and there was nowhere to go. I wandered around, no hope of enough stickers for tea, no hope of meeting anyone who could help.
I sat in my corner and read a book, but though the rain stopped, the temperature dropped and the wind was cold. I got too cold even when I put my thermal top on, so I went to the 24 hour supermarket and looked round and decided on things to get when my money came through.

In the end it was early bed time as soon as it got dark.
I tucked down and lay there worrying and distressing about the church of england.

I slept through the night and despite my plan to get up early, it was hard to wake properly and crawl out of bed, I was fine, no caffiene withdrawal symptoms, not really hungry either, my tummy was still asleep. My leg wouldn't take my weight at first, darnit.

Anyway, my money was in, so I went and got a meal at McD's, one of the new crop of homeless alcoholics and addicts was in McD's looking for stickers, he came and politely asked for mine, which I gave, I was impressed that he wasn't asking for money, and I did offer him a hash brown but he didn't want that, my pal with learning difficulties ate that instead.

Then I went to the supermarket and got knickers and toiletries and black sacks, I went and rebagged my bedding and had a wash and changed into clean knickers and socks, ahh! :)

Then here I am in the coffee shop. Absolutely dreading the email exchanges and dealing with the church of England matter. At some point I will snap and go mad and prove those evil people right, simply because I cannot cope with this.

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