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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Hey peeps,

We got half a day done yesterday on the estate, and then the rain came down. We worked an hour in the rain before we were rained off. We resume there on Friday.

I came home and worked on an assignment for the rest of the day and handed it in in the evening.

Today I didn't have any work booked, you may notice that that is usual for me on a Tuesday. I did paperwork and sent paperwork off and went to the lockup for a bit.

Then this afternoon I went to have a back assessment.

Ouch, I feel like I have been in a tumble dryer.

My pelvis isn't too bad. But the assessment was interesting.
I don't know if you remember my physiotherapy the other year where they tried to re-track my kneecap to keep it in place more?
The physios were nice but I think they were trying to explain something and I wasn't taking it in, because I have been re-told it today.

It isn't just my knee joints that have hypermobility, Other joints do too, and that is part of why I have problems with walking and pain, because the ligaments are trying to stabilise the loose joints, which sounds similar to what the walking clinic told me when I was on the streets, the ligaments are taking too much strain.

I scornfully disregarded hypermobility before because I can't bend my thumbs right back like some people can, not all my joints are hypermobile (similar to double-jointed).

Anyway, my shoulder injury reacted to treatment and apparently that is due to scar tissue adhesions and nothing much else, I am just grateful it eventually healed as it did, although I did have to pay a private clinic to mend it when the NHS failed me. When I was in my early 20s trying to rake anything was agony because of that injury.

But there was a load of tension built up in my shoulders from the horrors of what has happened and my immobility since the church attack in May and June last year, and the man said that my spine-skull joint was definitely not alright.

So I had a bit of treatment for the upper back, spine and skull and also the lower back, the lower back was painful and they ran a massage machine type thing on it.

At the moment I feel like I have been in a tumble dryer. But I am pleased at my mobility range, even if in some cases it is too good!

I can start gym now and I will have the blue bike back this week.
I will be having more treatment at some point.

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