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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Prophecy and Premonition

Premonition is coming from Jersey, huge, nasty, and constant.

Is this it?

But I had a thought earlier.

I was prophesying the Dean's strange 'resignation' through my dreams up to some weeks before I knew about it. Here are some premonition dreams that I had and posted on the blog as part of my posts, you know how I post my dreams.


The third dream was just creepy, Jersey, ferries, and then the Dean. In the dream the Dean's son was missing. I can't remember if he has one of those in real life, but his son was missing. He was getting plenty of sympathy though. Looking all fat and black-cassocked and miserable. In the dream he happened to invade my bit of space by the wall and the rocks and he sat down there. I went over to him and told him I was praying about his son and I was sad about it. He started blustering but I told him this was nothing to do with what he had done to me and that I was praying. He stopped blustering and said 'They should have searched the rocks better'.

I don't like that sentence. It's a premonition, but not about the Dean's son, should he have one. I remember he had a daughter and a grandchild. Someone else will go out on the rocks in real life, and I am not threatening to do so myself. I do have a habit of dreams that actually come before something happens.


I didn't have such a bad night. In fact I dreamed a very comforting dream. I dreamed I was in Jersey, and instead of flying above Jersey as I usually do in dreams, I was walking in St. Helier. I was at the Royal Square and the town church. I went into the town church and wrote a cheeky message in the visitors book for someone I know in Jersey. And outside in Church house, the Deanery were having an officious meeting, as they do, and the Dean saw me and looked furious, his ugliness and obesity were magnified and I laughed at his fury and walked off to see Jersey again, fully expecting the Dean to try to send police after me.

I woke up comforted, it is the first dream about Jersey that hasn't distressed me, and normally I only fly above Jersey in my dreams. It was the early hours when I woke and I had some fruit squash and slept again.

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