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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Good morning peeps,

Well, if this is flu, it is day 4 of it now and it is walking flu, so thats ok.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the library, felt increasingly ill with a temperature and cough and tiredness.

Went to college in the evening anyway, and when I got in the classroom, my classmate told me I had flu and he had been off with it and was still recovering, he was coughing a lot, he said I should go home to bed, and the tutor asked how I felt about staying or going, and I said I would stay and see how I felt, so she gave me all the notes and homework in case I had to go.

I stayed half the lesson and went at break time, spoke to student services in case I am too ill to do class tonight.

Went home, brewed tea with the last of the milk and put the hot kettle and a rag and some medicine by my blankets and tried to sleep, looking up at the clear sky and stars. I was wearing my thermal top for the first time this autumn.
I dozed and woke shivering, just my luck to get sick when the first drop in temperature happens after an unusually mild time.
I got up, went to the loo, coughed, took some meds, wrapped myself in my honeycomb blanket and got back into the blanket pile.
I was warm except for my feet, normally my feet never get cold, but these boots are useless.

I slept shallowly until morning and then it was hard to wake up, but I got up in the dark early morning, went to the shop for milk, and brewed hot tea on the stove, put boiling water in a bucket and inhaled the steam, and then used the water to wash in.
a wash and plenty of tea later, I came down here to the cafe.

We will see how the day goes, just my luck to get sick in the run up to such a weekend!

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