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Monday, 27 June 2016

Thank you

This morning I woke at the new house, my second night there, although I have been spending my days here at the old place, trying to finish the move and clean the place.

Trying to clean when you have no food and scarce cleaning materials is too hard.
This morning I woke having not eaten since yesterday lunchtime.
I made tea but had no sugar, oh well, at least I didn't get caffeine withdrawal as well as low blood sugar.
I had a shower, and by 6.30 I was on my way back over here to the old flat, the intention is to finish this flat today and I have two gardens nearby to do as well.
It was daunting to think I could spend the day doing this with no food,

But I was lucky, someone had emailed and offered to help.

I am happy to say, I have now had a good meal and have got provisions and I am just about to go to work and get petrol before coming back here to finish the flat.

I should have money through starting from tomorrow and hopefully this is the end of the starvation for now.
Most of the expenses of moving are done, and I am just waiting to hear what the insurers say about max at the new house, it is likely to be a premium increase :(

Thank you to the person who saved me from another day of hunger and struggling, I don't think max would go much further on his petrol warning light and me on my food warning light, we were nearly done for, so thank you.

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