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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Return to Jersey's safeguarding attack

Dear Jersey Peadophile Protection Board,

Send your 'report' about me to other safeguarding boards, explain to them about how it is conflicted and how Fisher liaised with Gull and how Dakin 'appointed' Gull, make sure this is out in the open, but not in the sense of your intended discrediting attack on me on behalf of the church and police.
Also, as asked, send your whitewash report to me for my court case against you.
And while you are at it, you aren't blind, Philip Bailhache was unable to defend his protection of paedophiles when challenged, and you saw his public attacks on me and use of his dual roles in states and church, why haven't you acted? Furthermore why have you not informed the church of england of the safeguarding risk that Philip Bailhache is?
You have only been proving my point and it is more evidence for the court. 


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