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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday Afternoon

Good afternoon,

Well last night I did basmati rice for supper, very tasty.
And I twittered about on twitter for ages and did a brief post on the other blog, too tired to do much, but it was midnight when I slept.

I didn't sleep very well, waking briefly in the early hours and then sleeping again and waking late and in a fluster, socks and earplugs all over the room.
I got up, but my legs were very stiff and it was hard to get going, I was due to go and look at the daycentre and had to ask them if I could be an hour later than planned.
They were fine with that, so finally I set out in the wild weather to get the bus.

One long bus journey through torrential rain and I arrived at the daycentre a bit wet but on time.

The daycentre arrangements were fine, I will probably self-fund from my DLA to spend a day or two half-days there per week, doing activities of my choice.
I can't cope with social services referral after the appalling way that they and the police and Jane Fisher treated me, so I will have to self-fund, just as I do with therapy.

But anyway, the next stop was to try and sort out benefits and money, and due to the situation, it will be a few weeks before I can attend either therapy or the daycentre.
I spent several hours speaking with a helpful advisor about benefits, and although we have yet to solve anything, she was very nice and helpful and we do have a plan of action.
In the meantime I am very short of money.
The stress is maddening, so is trying to wait, cancelling therapy and trying to sort out all the paperwork and beauracricy or however you spell it.

Anyway, wet and cold and tired, I headed for the bus, had to get the long route one rather than wait in the cold for another 15 minutes for the short route one.

Just got home, there is a big pot of tea and I am waiting for the hot water to come on so I can have a hot shower.

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