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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Morning 1.30am

Good Morning,
Jesus came into the world to die that we might be saved! :)

It is 1.30am, I just got back from Mass, and the kettle has just boiled.

I set out at 11pm, hoping that the weather would hold off, as we joked that I have been caught in every storm over the last few weeks.

A lot of people were out and about, going to and from celebrations or heading for Mass, Mass goers were heading to both churches, and the Anglican church was pealing joyful bells (show-offs!), I did consider going to the Anglican church, as there would be more space in there, but I went dutifully to my church, and wow, it was a squeeze, thankfully I got a seat, as I had walked down with my stick, as I cannot stand easily for long, but it was hard to concentrate as there were young people messing with their phones and fidgeting and talking.
Anyway, I escaped as soon as Mass was over, and walked home in the cold starry night.
Wow, beautiful.
I got home and the kitchen light had been left on for me, so I stroked the cat, shushed the dog, boiled the kettle, and when I have had a warm drink and a snack, I will do some heavy duty snoozing until time for church in the morning. :)

Merry Christmas and Good night/morning.

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