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Monday, 17 October 2016

Police Sting

Well peeps,

In the dark earliness of 7am this morning I was setting off for work, because I had to go and grab my mower from where it was residing 10 miles away before work.
On the radio a police sting was being mentioned. I think the police are mean enough without stinging people anyway.
Apparently there are a million uninsured drivers on the roads. Well I hope they aren't all in our district, but anyway, the police get to sting them, cos the police are mean, I know wasps have stings because when I work on the estate I am often reminded of this due to the massive wasps nest there.

Anyway, in the yawning early morning I grabbed my mower at 7.30 and headed to meet the boss for 8am. I had trouble finding the place we were meeting. He typically throws road names at me, rattles them off and leaves me to sink or swim, which can be fun, and I always find the place, eventually. I was getting worried by the time I found him, and it was also pouring with rain!

Anyway, we tethered Max and left him chewing grass, my car is a good little Fell Pony, very content.
We leaped aboard the van and we were off! And it was still raining as we trekked over to the lockup to get the ride-on mower. The rain was making the day look doubtful as we would be grass cutting all day.

As we had driven to the lockup, there had been a traffic cop standing by the road, and I commented as it seemed strange as he had no speed gun.
Well we found out why he was standing there on the way back!

The Police were stinging people.

They pulled our works van over and checked if we needed stinging.
Did you know that the police can tap your wheel nuts with a hammer in order to see if you are stingworthy? I bet you never thought you would read that on a blog!

I am pleased to say that the wheel nuts did nothing suspicious and the police got wet in the rain before they very politely wrote out a form that said that they had checked if we needed stinging but we were good honest gardeners and it was raining so they would not sting us today.
They didn't notice any of the illegal immigrants clinging to the bottom of the truck. Phew.

So off we went, now running late and with the heavy rain the day was looking more and more doubtful, but we made a decision to proceed.

It was a good decision despite the grass being wet, the rain eased to the occasion torrential outburst and we worked very hard to catch up as it was 9.30! By the time we got onto the grass.
By 2.30 that afternoon, that park was neatly mowed, strimmed and blowed. And the weather was better.
So we went to do another one, before heading to drop the ride-on mower and my mower at the lockup.

So that was my day. Here I am home, and the Simpsons has been cancelled, so I will just tell the whole world about the police stinging people. I have not seen anyone get stung by police before, and I don't know if they survive, but I once strimmed through a wasps nest so maybe it is like that.

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