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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Night - nightmares

Well I went to bed early due to being tired, it is always a bad idea to go to bed too early.

I dreamed, nightmare.

I dreamed I was with some people and they seemed nice enough, then we got to my old home, and they said 'do you know this place?' 'Did you live here?'

And I didn't answer, because I realised I was trapped.

I knew they were CofE, and I knew they had bad intentions but they were being all nice and soft soap, all kind and caring, and I could see through it, so I didn't answer.

They took me into a building, and by then I was trying to escape.
They turned nasty, and I was desparate to get a witness, knowing the record they had got me already and that I didn't stand a chance, so as I fled, I got my phone out and tried to find someone to phone so someone could hear what was happening.

As I got to the door, knowing that these CofE were going to wrong me with false witness again, as they did in real life, people gathered, curious, like they did when I fled from Fisher and Scott-Joynt's friend in Winchester, and I begged one of them to stay with me as a witness, but she seemed scared, and instead, a big crowd gathered round the CofE people who were chasing after me, to hear their side.
I woke up at that point!

It is amazing how detailed dreams can be! And how that dream showed up the injustice of the past in just a few minutes of dream.

At least I hope it is the past.

And it is now late and I hope I can sleep again. Peacefully. I am not liking this spate of nightmares about the CofE, it really upsets me.

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