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Sunday, 24 March 2013

well peeps,
I thought about it and I remembered the guy saying the hospital told him it was the 100-day cough, so I looked that up and that means whooping cough! damn! I doubt that he even knew what they were telling him he had, they told him not to smoke but he told them to shut up apparently.
It doesn't explain the bloody diahhroea but I get that sometimes anyway.

I had whooping cough when I was 5 or 6, because my parents didn't believe in medicine or vaccines or anything we all got all the illnesses, including whooping cough.
The one thing my parents did while we had whooping cough was give us vitamin tablets and this was like a treat for us, kiddie vitamins in brightly coloured tablets, we thought it was novel and special.

Anyway, resistance to whooping cough doesn't last forever and because all the old churchypeeps prayed me indoors I ended up in a slumhouse where the men got whooping cough and so I got it, there is a slight chance it is TB but I doubt it. so stop praying me indoors please, I don't get sick on the streets apart from my insides being a bit bonkers.

It is not yet light enough outside to go and roam about, this particular city is not one I roam about in in the early hours of Sunday in the dark, because however smart I think I am, this is a dangerous place at night, so in half an hour or so when it is light I will go for a mooch around.
I have to say, I seem to have cleared my lungs a bit :) too much blood, but I think coughing damages blood vessels sometimes.

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