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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Good morning you peeps,

Last night I sat on the bench by church and when church people arrived for a meeting they all greeted me and made a fuss, and one of them got me to come in and sit in the hall and drink tea while they had their meeting, and there was another meeting on that was a group renting a church room for a meeting, so when the church meeting ended the other meeting went on and the church people told me to stay in the hall and stay warm and drink tea until the caretaker came to lock up.

So I did, and the caretaker was surprisingly pleased to see me, he sat down and asked where I had been and what I had been up to, and he made me more tea and we nattered away and he said he was doing pressure washing the next day and I said could I help? so he said I could make the tea.
So this morning I am making the tea.
We had a really good chat about the garden, some of the church people want it changed, but it is a lovely garden and we are opposed to seeing it changed.

And then we parted company and off I went to wander happily in the big dark night with my earphones in. It felt good to wander in the cold dark night, I was not cold, I was happy.

Eventually I tucked down in the blanket pile in my porch, the only problem was that I suddenly coughed blood everywhere and couldn't see to clear it up in the dark, so this morning I was cleaning blood off my jumper :(

Anyway, it was my first night back out in the porch and it was well below freezing so I didn't expect to sleep much, but I was tired from the long walk and so I slept in shifts, an hour or so at a time, waking briefly to snuggle the blankets back around me and then more sleep, I certainly slept adequately for a first night out in such temperatures.
I woke not long before my alarms went off and decided to doze comfily, so I did, and then I did some more comfy dozing when the alarms went off.
Finally I had to get up and pack up my blankets and warm gear, I coughed up a lot and my hair looked like Jedward's so I combed it.

Then it was off to McD's for a hearty breakfast and cuppa, I did get a free breakfast voucher from the bins last night but had lost that but my money was through, I am now on my third tea.

See you later peeps, my legs are stiff but I am all ok, fine, nothing wrong, looking forward to a cuppa and a natter with the chappie at the church.

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